Live your Hogwarts dreams with new Harry Potter game, ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

We’re done living the books and the movies. Now it’s time to live in the game with this upcoming Harry Potter open-world, ‘Hogwarts Legacy.’

The game was announced by Warner Bros. during the eagerly anticipated live stream event by Sony for the PlayStation 5 price reveal. Developed by Avalanche Software under Portkey Games, the label dedicated to Harry Potter video game adaptations, ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is an adventure role-playing game that will immerse players in an open-world Harry Potter universe.

Unlike most of the previous video games, players won’t be playing as the titular character of the iconic novel series by J.K. Rowling. Set in the 1800s, ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ will allow them to build their own character and experience living the Hogwarts life. In other words, gamers will get to be a student of witchcraft and wizardry– the answer to every Potterhead’s dream, basically.

However, according to the reveal trailer, there will also be some drama and a lot of epic adventures. In the game, players will have to make allies, face different enemies, and make decisions that will ultimately dictate the fate not just of their hero but the rest of Hogwarts.

Below is Hogwarts Legacy’s first official reveal trailer. Be ready to get filled with goosebumps and nostalgia as this video is one hell of a broom ride to the past!


‘Hogwarts Legacy’ will be available for the PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S. Sadly, the announcement did not involve a proper release date. However, we’re now aware of the fact that the PlayStation 5 is coming this November. As Potterheads, we can only hope his new Harry Potter game comes out shortly after.

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What do you think about ‘Hogwarts Legacy?’

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