League of Legends and Among Us, two behemoths of the multiplayer genre, could be joining forces in the future.

As Among Us continues to take the world by storm, the developers are also working non-stop in their pursuit to improve its gameplay. Just recently, Innersloth listed their plans for the phenomenal murder-mystery game and casually mentioned the possibility of adding the role of a Guardian Angel. That’s just one of the several things to look forward to.

However, as some of our fellow crewmates have already figured out, mods and skins inspired by famous characters are one unexplored territory the devs could be looking at right now. Luckily, LoL developer and publisher Riot Games has given us a sign that this could turn into a reality.

The California-based company has recently published a series of survey questions grasping what LoL players would feel about different improvement ideas. In one of the surveys, the team asked players if they would be interested in a video game with a description that perfectly portrays an Among Us/Town of Salem game with League of Legends characters and locations.

If this crossover does happen, we may expect the same major gameplay mechanics such as being assigned certain in-game roles, finishing tasks, and going on a huddle to discuss who should be voted out of the game– all happening within the League of Legends universe. Instead of humanoids taking on the job of a ship and space crew, we might be controlling our most beloved champions like Ahri, Mordekaiser, Darius, and many others.

But then, given that neither Riot nor Innersloth has yet to say a word about this, it’s best to take this news with a grain of salt. Let’s consider the information sus at least for now.

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What do you think about this possible LoL and Among Us Crossover?

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