On October 28, 2020, Wild Rift will be released for Open Beta for all mobile users. Everyone is hyped to play and try the new game. Here are some guidelines to easily understand Wild Rift.



Play the tutorial if you’re new to the game. If you’re a veteran to this type of game, still play the tutorial. It has benefits when you finish every tutorial. It gives you a choice to unlock a champion to use in the Rift.

League of Legends: Wild Rift has a lot of similarities with the famous game called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With that said, it is also very different when it comes to playing the game. If you finish the tutorial you will have basic knowledge when you join a match with other players.


There are currently 40 champions to choose from but not everyone is unlocked yet. You can unlock them by using your blue essence which you can get by playing games and completing certain tasks. Each champion has unique roles that can impact the game. Let’s talk about their roles.




The abbreviation stands for Attack Damage Carry, which is made for eliminating those targets and already has a lot of meaning in the title itself, a.k.a. Marksman. First of all, the power of the character comes from the items that increase the rate of damage. The ADC champions do the most harm to the enemy team but suffer from a low level of health and defense at the same time.



Bruiser and Tank champions are taking the Baron lane. For instance, tanks are used to lock down enemies and let the team start a battle. They can also help protect weaker players, thus eliminating the enemy team’s damage. A mix of damage and tanking abilities are the Bruiser.



These characters are playing a role similar to Baron Laners – handling anything that might happen on the lane. It is usually held by Assassins and APC (Ability Power Carry or Mages). The first champions specialize in killing high-value targets. The main goal of Assassin is to seize the best moment to kill its victim. They act like real hunters. Mid lane in general combines the basics of each role in LoL. They are also the only players besides Jungler who can influence different parts of the map.



These players are taking the position in between 3 main lanes on the LoL map, aka ‘jungle’. The main goal is to get as much gold and experience points as possible. Jungler helps players to control the main areas of the map. They also build their own economy by collecting the gold and XP which allows starting ganking. As a jungler, the player should check all available gank opportunities on the map and take advantage of them asap.



Players of the Support role most of the time help the ADC. It is probably the ultimate role that determines the result of the battle. One of the main goals is to have crowd-control that might be game-changing for the whole team. Thanks to Support, ADC is protected while trying to attack the main target and Jungler gets more vision for collecting gold. Support players are kind of an airbag module that ensures that the battle for the team goes smoothly and with no trouble.



In the League of Legends Wild Rift, there are 3 lanes, such as Baron lane, Middle Lane or Mid lane, and Dragon lane. These three lanes are linked to the Jungle area. Each lane is assigned to play the specific position of the champion. By choosing the wrong champion to play in the wrong lane, the enemy team will punish you really hard. Let me explain every lane to understand better and give the recommended roles for each lane.

Baron Lane

Baron lane is recommended for Fighter, Assassin, or Tank champion to play in. It is a solo (1v1) lane. 


Playstyle: Playing in Baron lane required patience playstyle, focus on winning early game farm then dominate in the mid and late-game instead of looking for an early fight against your opponent.


Mid lane is recommended for Mage or Assassin champion to play in. It is also a solo (1v1) lane.


Playstyle: Playing in Mid Lane highly depends on skill shots, and the ability to outplay your opponent with skill combo, and more. Winning mid lane is a massive lead for the team.


Dragon lane is designated for Marksman and Support champion to play in. It is a duo 2v2 lane. 


Playstyle: Playing in Dragon lane requires teamwork, either you are a marksman or a support, the main goal is to win the lane, there are nonstop actions in dragon lane including early game brawl, jungle gank, and more.


The jungle is not specified as a lane but as an area that has a camp with monsters for Jungler to play in.


Playstyle: Playing in Jungle required high map awareness so that you know where and when to gank or help your teammate at the right place and the right time.


LoL: Wild Rift has items that help champions to grow stronger during the span of the game. You have to back to your base to buy your items using gold. Gold can be earned by last hitting the minions in the lane.

Pro Tip: Do not spam the attack button, wait for the perfect time to hit the minion for maximum gold.


Everyone is excited to play the game. They’re casual gamers and some hardcore gamers. Please have the patience to understand the new players and are still learning the game. DON’T BE TOXIC, don’t spam the ping button or flame the new players because it will not help them improve. Instead, teach them the how’s and why’s. It is easy to teach rather than flame other players.

I hope you learned a thing or two. Enjoy playing the game and see you in the Rift Summoner!

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