League of Legends is a game developed over the years. In the beginning, it was just a game but now it has grown to be a lot more.

What is League of Legends?


League of Legends (or LoL)  is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre video game developed by Riot Games. The game was first announced on October 7, 2008, and released a year later on October 27, 2009.

Players are formed into two even teams primarily composed of five members. Each team starts at opposing sides of a map, near what is called a “Nexus”. To win a match, a team must destroy the opposing team’s Nexus. To do so, each team must work through a series of towers called ‘turrets’ that are placed along three paths to each base (commonly referred to as ‘lanes’).

Through The Years

LoL started with 28 champions and now they have a whopping 151 champions to play, master, and find your specific playstyle. 

Season 1 (2010)

Season One is a competitive time frame that League of Legends began hosting on July 13, 2010, in patch V1.0.0.96. During Season One, 28 new champions were released.

Season 2 (2012)

The second competitive time period for League of Legends. Season Two began on November 22, 2011. During the second season they added 20 more champions, they also remade other champions.

Season 3 (2013)

The third-ranked season in League of Legends. The pre-season started on November 20, 2012. Only one champion was added this season but they started releasing some cinematics for the game which attracted more players and will be a legacy for the years to come.

Season 4 (2014)

The fourth-ranked season in League of Legends. Season 4 started on November 20, 2013. During this season they added five more champions, now with a total of 54 champions. It became a tradition that every season they release a new cinematic.

Season 5 (2015)

The fifth-ranked season in League of Legends. Season 2015 started on November 20, 2014. They released five more champions again this season, now with 60 more champions to play with. The visual and gameplay are very improving this season from the old clunky gameplay to a smoother game. They didn’t release a cinematic this season but focused on how the game is going.

Season 6 (2016)

the sixth-ranked season in League of Legends. Season 2016 started on November 11, 2015. They added 6 more champions in the pool. This is the season they started to explore the music side of the games. They released a music video for the Worlds.

Season 7 (2017)

The seventh-ranked season in League of Legends. Preseason started on November 10, 2016. 5 more champions were added this season. The devs explored more interactions with the game mechanic and introduced a new one to keep the game fresh and new. They also released a lot of cinematics and music videos. This is the season where the animators really stepped up their level of animation.

Season 8 (2018)

The eighth-ranked season in League of Legends. Preseason started on November 8, 2017. They added 3 more champions. With the ever-growing popularity of the game, the cinematics, and the music videos. The devs really upped their game to produce what the people want, more content.

Season 9 (2019)

The ninth-ranked season in League of Legends. Preseason started on November 20, 2018. They released a lot of content this season with jam-packed music videos, eye tantalizing cinematics, and everything no one asked for but they still gave it.

Season 10 (2020)

The latest ranked season in League of Legends. This is the latest patch we are currently playing right now. They added all the remaining champions to complete the 151 champion pool. This year even though we had a pandemic, the devs didn’t stop releasing new content for us to play and enjoy. 

League of Legends has a lot more to offer and we will be expecting some big stuff coming our way during the next season. They also released their mobile game. There are also rumors that they will be releasing an RPG game that connects with the LoL universe. So be excited for more!

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