Several streamers spoke out against Montoon for allegedly copying League of Legends, surprisingly, including Dogie.

It hasn’t been that long since Akosi Dogie, one of the first faces in the country you would associate to Mobile Legends, drew flak on social media for what seemed to be his unfair comparison between MLBB and Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends.

Dogie was one of the streamers allowed to take part in the Alpha Testing of Wild Rift. His comments– despite him acknowledging the possibility that his assessment on the game might have been biased in favor of his bread and butter– were not well received by many streamers and gaming enthusiasts.

Dogie criticized Wild Rift for its lack of happenings– or “ganap” as he called it. The famous streamer also voiced out his disapproval towards the game for having too many buttons to press, which he and H2WO found to be tiring for the hands. Lastly, he compared the graphics of Wild Rift and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, confessing that they were practically the same but he still preferred the latter.

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A change of heart?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is currently under fire for allegedly copying an important gameplay feature on Wild Rift. A Facebook page called Pinoy Gaming Realm has posted a photo demonstrating the apparent similarity between the two games’ targeting system.


On his personal account, Dogie also shared a public post containing a screenshot of MLBB’s upcoming update on its targeting system, along with a caption that says, “TAPOS ETO UNG GAME NA PINAG LALABAN KO NO !! MUWAHAHAHAHA KODIGO AMP.”


Some other streamers also came forward to call out Montoon for this alleged copying. League of Legends streamer Razzie Binx even made a blog post dedicated to mocking the game developer, naming his video “GAYA GAYA NANAMAN [BAWAL MAGALIT“.

“There’s justification for why ML is such a funny game, It’s a f**king meme. At this point, It’s just blatantly copying League of Legends, I don’t really hate ML but I dislike it, It leaves a bad taste in my mouth,” said the streamer.

“Oh yung boss nyo, Your boss himself, Si Akosi Dogstyle na mismo nag sabi nyan.” Razzie said, pertaining to Dogie’s post. 

What do you think about the accusations on Mobile Legends copying Wild Rift?

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