Halloween is many months away, but terror is already creeping up on the Land of Dawn.

After stimulating the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang crowd with the announcement on Pharsa’s ‘Samba Muse’ skin, Moonton is extending the hype by introducing another one– this time not to make us dance, but to make us crumble in fear.

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We know a lot of Mobile Legends players are afraid of him, and it’s been that way for a few seasons now. Khufra, the Desert Tyrant who still frequents the banned heroes during draft pick for his overpowered crowd-controlling abilities.

Now, his level of scariness increases tenfold with this upcoming new skin, ‘Dreadful Clown,’ slated to arrive in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang sometime next month. Moonton shared on February 21 a sneak peek featuring Khufra and his new skin, as well as other Starlight perks for the month of March. Other perks include an Atlas Sacred Statue called “Ocean’s Might, Natalia’s Painted Skin “Crimson Raven,” an exclusive Khufra Battle Emote called “Wide Smile,” among many others.

Equipped with the brand-new skin, Khufra’s entrance animation sees him donning a black suit, a purple button-down, a white waistcoat, and a hat. He’s also wearing clown makeup. With its combination of carnival and Joker-inspired aesthetics, Khufra’s new look has been causing some players to call him Harley’s father. Or Harley himself when he gets old.

Check out the announcement video below!


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