There’s a new ML hero in town, and everything about him is just screaming Manny Pacquiao.

Players in the advanced server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have already experienced playing as and against the newly arrived Paquito, a fighter hero with damage and chase specialty. Also known as ‘The Heavenly Fist,’ his looks and skills resemble those of a real boxing athlete.

Elgin, a local gaming content creator, has made an in-depth analysis of the hero’s skills and attributes. Check it out below!


Moonton is known to have based many of ML heroes on a real-life figure. For instance, fighter Lapu-Lapu pays homage to a Filipino warrior/tribe leader of the same name, who is regarded as the first Philippine hero in recorded history for being the first native to have stood up against foreign colonialism.

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That is why ML players can’t help but point out the obvious parallels between Paquito and Filipino boxing legend Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, particularly their names and the fact that they’re boxers. Plus, reinforcing their assumption is the fact that Moonton, the developer and publisher of what is arguably the biggest mobile game in the country right now, just acquired the boxing champ/senator as their new ambassador.

FOR REAL! On November 21, a week after Paquito was added to the ever-growing list of playable heroes in the Land of the Dawn, Moonton announced that Manny Pacquiao will be the face of Mobile Legends in the country. This serves as a big treat to players for helping them reach the milestone of 1 billion downloads worldwide.

“On behalf of the MLBB team, we can assure you that you can expect more surprises from us in the coming months,” said Pacquaio in a press conference hosted by Sam YG.


The Pride of General Santos also shared his advice for players who aspire to make it big in the streaming and esports industry. “To everyone who wants to venture into professional gaming or just wanted to be the best version of themselves, just be focused, keep pushing, and keep reaching for your dream because everyone can be a legend.”

The Filipino senator revealed that he didn’t find it hard to accept the offer, since his son Jimuel himself is an ML player. Moonton added that getting Manny Pacquiao to be the face of the game was an easy decision since 70% of their players are boxing fans.

As of this writing, Paquito can only be played in the advanced server. Mobile Legends has yet to reveal when it will be available for players in the original server.

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