CS:GO is arguably one of the premier esports in the world together with Dota 2 and League of Legends. But somehow it isn’t gaining much attention as it should.

Okay, let’s be honest for a moment.

We see all these big tournaments for big games and equally, there’s a huge media coverage for it. Just like how our Dota 2 team, TNC, whose always headlining every article we see on the Internet no matter what kind of tournament they compete in. However, after the recent win of the only Filipino CS:GO team that bagged a monumental moment in CS:GO history, we are scratching our heads and wondering how come there isn’t much buzz about it?

So it got me thinking, “Is it just for this tournament?” or “Is the competitive CS:GO scene being neglected in the Philippines altogether?” Let’s find out.

Bren Esports marks history

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Bren Esports

Last Thursday, Bren Esports CS:GO squad finished 3rd place in the IEM Katowice 2020 Asia Closed Qualifiers. During their amazing run, they were able to take down Asia’s top CS:GO team, TyLoo, 2-1. And before doing so, Bren Esports also defeated Rising-Stars of China in another close 2-1 series.

This amazing win for them was described by many as one for the books considering Katowice is one Poland’s biggest CS:GO tournaments. Plus, the fact that there’s no other Philippine team that has ever done what Bren Esports was able to do.

Top 3 in Asia

In addition, Bren Esports also placed Top 3 in the rankings for the Asia-Pacific region. Once again, it’s a big achievement for us since it’s the first time a Filipino CS:GO team has made it this far.

The underlying issue…

With these achievements at hand,  we can clearly see what the competitive CS:GO scene has so much more to offer. But a notable trend has been happening lately. In case you didn’t know, a lot of the former Filipino CS:GO teams have disbanded throughout the years including Mineski and TNC. And there’s no definite reason why.

Maybe it’s the regressing scene, lesser audience, or maybe it’s cause CS:GO is being overpowered by more famous titles?

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According to Jayce Alexander “Jaeger” Stewart, a Filipino-British FPS streamer and caster whose one of the most notable FPS stewards out there, it’s none of the above. He explains that there is a lack of support from major team owners that have successful teams in other esports.

The reason for this he says is that they don’t see CS:GO as a profitable investment yet. “These organizations believe that unless they have a winning team, it’s not worth investing in. Instead of investing early to build a world-class team, they just want to buy a successful team” Jaeger added.

He ended by saying, “The need for CS:GO is necessary if the Philippines wants to stay relevant in the esports scene as the decline in Dota 2 players is going through and CS is beginning to build a bigger base.”

“And most likely there is going to be something large on the horizon for CS:GO,” he adds.

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To relatively end this, unsurprisingly, more questions have popped into my mind. One of the more prominent ones is this: Is it not just CS:GO that we’re not giving attention to or is it really FPS games in general as a whole? And considering what Jaeger said, is Bren Esports’ win enough to change the minds of sponsors? What do you think?

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