As the murder-mystery phenomenon Among Us takes the streaming world by storm, streamer Disguised Toast remains to be its most popular player.

Disguised Toast, whose real name is Jeremy Wang, is a Canadian gaming content creator and YouTuber. For the unversed, he has been making gaming content since 2015, finding his first love on Hearthstone, a digital card game based on the Warcraft series. It is between September and October in 2020 that Wang began to score a major success in streaming, thanks to his outstanding Among Us gameplays that earned him the title as the best player of the game today.

Together with his group of friends who are also notable names in the streaming scene, Disguised Toast streams Among Us content on Twitch and uploads the video highlights on his official YouTube channel. As of this writing, Toast’s channel has over 2.67 subscribers, with each of his Among Us videos garnering millions of views.

A fast-rising streamer, Toast has already collaborated with some of the biggest internet personalities including PewDiePie, jacksepticeye, Ninja, and more. His collab with Pewds is considered as the most ambitious Among Us crossover event to date. After it was uploaded, the video immediately peaked at number 2 on YouTube trending.

The question is: Among Us, an insanely popular multiplayer title, continues to attract streamers, famous or not. Of all the people getting their hands on this masterpiece, why is Disguised Toast the face of the game?


Let’s just say that Disguised Toast is the total package. This guy knows what he’s doing, from his gameplays to how he presents his best matches to the world. Whether he’s a Crewmate or an Impostor, he has cunning ways of ensuring victory. As a Crewmate, his guesses as to who’s the Imp are on-point, most of the time. He can even point out the Imp at the beginning of the match even, when no one has been killed, yet, without observing how other players move around.

As an Impostor, on the other hand, this is what makes him an unstoppable force. With his clean kills, perfectly planned sabotages, and god-tier manipulation, Disguised Toast has been proving to the world why he’s the smartest kid in class. Even with the odds against him, he can deal with the most difficult of situations and eventually climb his way to victory.

To top it all, Toast’s greatness doesn’t end after the match. If you’re gonna watch his videos, they’re another thrill to experience. The editing is a job well done when it comes to telling the in-game events as one suspenseful story. What makes it more enjoyable is the fact that the finished product includes the reactions of other players so the audience knows what they’re thinking, too.

Since Among Us continues to gain popularity, we can only expect that this is also just the beginning of Disguised Toast’s greatness.

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