Innersloth might be adding a ‘guardian angel’ role to Among Us soon

Crewmates and Impostors, a new role could be coming to Among Us soon!

To be thrown out of the ship by mistake, or slashed into halves by an impostor in the middle of a task, is annoying enough. When you turn into a ‘ghost’ after you get ejected or killed off– the most boring in-game role since you can only roam around and bear witness to what’s happening to the rest of the crewmates– sometimes your only option is to leave the game and look for another public lobby.

Well, it looks like the devs have taken notice of this problem. Innersloth, the Washington-based indie game developer behind this murder-mystery phenomenon, could be adding the role of a Guardian Angel on their future game updates.

The developers have previously announced that they would no longer create Among Us 2 as they’d promised before. Instead, the plans for the supposed sequel would be implemented on the original game, such as new modes, new maps, and new roles. On the Twitch Weekly Gaming Show, Among Us devs Forest Willard and Marcus Bromander talked about some of their plans for the game, mentioning the possible addition of guardian angels.

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“We’ve thought of a lot about Guardian Angels and stuff like that, but it’s a difficult thing to pull off but we’re definitely thinking about those sort of things,” said Forest Willard, the dev team’s programmer.

While the Guardian Angels role was not fully elaborated on the stream, fans are assuming that this could be one of the improvements the dev team is looking into to get the killed players still involved.

If you still haven’t experienced the thrill of it all, Among Us can be downloaded for free on PC and mobile devices. And before you begin, you might wanna learn the basics first by reading Impostor 101: How To Be A Good Impostor on Among Us.

What do you think about a Guardian Angel on Among Us?

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