One of the exciting parts of playing Among Us is getting the impostor role and being able to release all your anger towards your friend by killing and eliminating them.

But excitement sometimes may take over our head, leading to careless gameplay which is kill, kill, and kill which then results in you being caught and ejected.  Sounds familiar? Well don’t worry, here are 5 tips on how to be a good impostor!

Master the map and sabotage functions

In any type of game, you always have to master the technical and mechanical aspects of the game and the same goes for playing Among Us. In this game, it is mastering the map and knowing when to use the sabotage function.

Among Us Map and Sabotage Guide

You have to know the blind spots and position of vents in the map and every sabotage function in the game. Having knowledge of these two will help you in planning how to move and eliminate crewmates smoothly.

Don’t think twice and kill Sherlock

We all have played against a Sherlock. A friend who is smart and intuitive when it comes to figuring out who the impostor is. And if you are like me who gets tongue-tied when defending myself, then chances are you’ll be ejected immediately.

The easiest way to deal with this is to eliminate that crewmate as fast as possible. So for a few rounds, observe and identify who your Sherlock is and kill them immediately to lessen the chance of you being caught.

Prepare a good defense

Pink is sus! What is your defense Pink? Where were you when Purple died? Then your mind suddenly turns off and you are eliminated from the game. This is what happens when you don’t plan your move.

Planning a good defense when you are accused can help in giving you good odds of winning the game. So before making the kill, make sure to plan your move to have a strong alibi. It doesn’t need to be a crafty defense as long as you are able to justify your side, then it’s all good!

Gain Their Trust!

Do you have any friends that you hate so much but can’t let go because you feel that you have been through a lot? Well, this is a chance to release the weight that you have been feeling. Get their trust and kill them when they least expect it.

This is one of the most effective strategies as an impostor, you gain a crewmate’s trust to vouch for you and break them by killing and eliminating them. This way, you get a chance for revenge and get the W!

Have fun!

Lastly, just enjoy the game!

At the end of the day, games were made for leisure and entertainment. So just enjoy the game! If you lose, lose gracefully and if you win, rub it of their face. But if you can’t brush off that miserable feeling for losing as the impostor, you may check our article for the Best Revenge Tips!

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