Gamers: you can now download GTA V for free!

Be prepared to put some action in your weekend, as the smash-hit GTA V can be downloaded for free until May 21!

There have been rumors before about Epic Games Store offering the game free of charge, and apparently they prove to be true. This grand offer by Epic Games’ comes as a Premium Package, which includes GTA online and other interesting content.

The fifth installation in the Grand Theft Auto series was initially launched in 2013, and yet it remains incredibly popular among gamers worldwide. From February last year up to now, GTA V has garnered over 10 million sales and it remains to be Twitch’s most popular game with 78,806,149 viewing hours as per Twitchmetrics.


How to download?

Simply visit the Epic Games Store Official Site. Sign up for free to get an account and if you already have an existing one, you may skip to the next step. Download the Epic Games Store by clicking on the ‘Get Epic Games” button on the top right side. Once downloaded, click on the ‘Store’ button. Find the “Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition” poster and get the game for free.

Recent updates on this free offering by Epic Games have claimed that the site has experienced crashing due to a dramatic increase in traffic. In fact, the Epic Games Store acknowledged the incident by tweeting, “We understand that many users are unable to access the Epic Games Store at this time. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work towards a resolution to mitigate traffic.” However, after more than eight hours of crashing, the site seems to have recovered now. 

Have you played GTA V yet?

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