Do you want to be a streamer but don’t know where to begin?

Streaming has become one of the most popular careers in the last year. Some do it for fun while some take their chances and try to make a living out of it. And if you are one of those people who are planning to give streaming a try may it be for a hobby or a career, check out these tips to help you in getting started.

Know who you are.

Branding is an essential part of any organization and so is streaming. Branding helps you to be different among other streamers and helps in identifying who you are as a streamer. This will help you in keeping track of your goal as a content creator for your chosen game. So it is important to consider who you are as a streamer.


So how do I know my brand? There is one main thing to consider in creating a brand, who are you? There are two ways of creating your own character, first is being yourself like the famous streamer Shroud who does not use any gimmicks. He’s just himself playing the games he loves. Second is by creating a persona, like Dr. Disrespect who is known for his persona. So which of the two do you think suits you better?

Make friends in the community.

Streaming for the first time is like taking up an Algebra course. You’re nervous because you know you’re not good with numbers until you meet a kid who also is not blessed with a mathematical mind so you start to feel comfortable knowing you’re not the dumbest kid in the room. The same goes for streaming!


When you’re starting out in streaming, you should look for people who are in the SAME situation as you and befriend them. By building relationships, you can help each other grow your own channel and build contents that will help you both in achieving your goals as a streamer. Being involved in the community is beneficial to you especially if you’re trying to figure out the in’s and out’s of streaming. So go look for a friend in the community and help each other build your own channels. GO!

Keep Talking!

Have you ever watched a streamer who does not engage with its viewers? No, right? After a few minutes of watching gameplays, you leave their stream and look for another one. That’s because entertaining your viewers is a MUST in streaming.


So you need to keep talking. Keep talking even though you average 1-3 viewers. Keep talking even though no one is watching. Because chances are those people who got bored watching another stream will scroll there feed and look for another stream to view and might end up watching you. So talk about the game you’re playing, or talk about how your hopes and dreams were crushed by your ex-girlfriend, or even talk about your top 5 movies because there is a possibility that what you are talking about is an interest of a viewer who happens to just stumble in your stream. Remember, GOOD GAMEPLAY AND QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT GOES TOGETHER!

Don’t focus on numbers

One of the most asked questions by new streamers is why isn’t my viewership going up? And this is one of the pitfalls of new streamers when they focus on the numbers. Big streamers such as Shroud, Dr. Disrespect, Pokimane, and other famous streamers did not grow their viewership overnight. Did you think that their channels grew overnight? Ask every successful streamer and they’ll answer you the same thing, NO. It takes hard work and commitment!


Streaming is a PROCESS and you have to earn it for you to grow your numbers. So you have to be patient and work hard for your channel to grow. So DON’T compare yourself to other well-known or established streamers. All of their success in streaming took TIME. So just focus on being a great streamer and the development of your branding. Just work hard and success will follow! Remember, PATIENCE is the key!

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