Pearl Abyss announced today that new Halloween festivities have arrived in Black Desert SEA. Halloween-themed quests and events that offer special rewards await Adventurers.

Amidst the Halloween festivities, Isabella, an uninvited guest, has turned the people of Florin into dolls. Adventurers must help Chief Valentine by completing special quests that will grant them Soul-infused Wads, which can be exchanged for valuable rewards such as Advice of Valks. Over the same period, Adventurers can also purchase additional buff-granting candy pouches.

Another Halloween event will also run from October 31 to November 1. Special rewards such as Item Collection Increase Scrolls and Enhancement Help Kits will be given according to an Adventurer’s accumulated playtime for up to 300 minutes. In addition, Halloween Celebration Wish Lanterns will be available for purchase at the Pearl Shop for only 100 silver.

Last but not least, a new dream horse, the Mythical Arduanatt, is now available through Mythical Awakening. Adventurers who have a male and a female Arduanatt with a minimum level of 30 can attempt to breed the new dream horse by using a Mythical Censer. If the breeding succeeds, the newly born Mythical Arduanatt will retain its previous skills in addition to receiving a new set of skills. Even if the breeding fails, the Arduanatts can be recovered at any time.

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