Rockstar Games’ GTA: San Andreas is that one video game that gamers want to see getting the modern-day treatment.

This is according to a new survey, which includes other classics like BullyGrand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Half-Life, among many others. The said study was conducted by Mazuma Mobile, UK’s number 1 mobile phone recycling service. By analyzing over 400 games and their Google search volumes, the research was able to form a top 50 list of titles that fans would want a remake of in 2021.


In the list, Rockstar’s 2004 action-adventure masterpiece is followed by Bully with 19.1 annual searches. Vice City comes in third, with 10.5m. Check out the complete list of 10 video game titles that topped the survey.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – 23.5m annual searches
2. Bully – 19.1m annual searches
3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – 10.5m annual searches
4. Half-Life – 4.9m annual searches
5. Tekken 3 – 4.6m annual searches
6. Grand Theft Auto IV- 4,212,000 annual searches
7. Super Mario World- 3,857,000 annual searches
8. Left 4 Dead 2- 3,205,000 annual searches
9. Grand Theft Auto III- 2,892,000 annual searches
10. Left 4 Dead- 2,810,000 annual searches

While all the titles in the GTA franchise are commercial and critical hits, it’s San Andreas that dominated the wanted remake list. Well, with its creative and immersive storytelling, and a production value that was too good for its time, fans cannot help but hail it as the GOAT. In this age where we’ve been seeing a classic after classic getting its remastered version, it’s no wonder that the ’90s and 2000s kids all want one thing: to hear CJ complain, “Oh, shit. Here we go again,” on modern hardware.

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