While horror escape games are a surefire boredom killer, nothing spells fun better than playing it with friends.

Mobile players had their fair share of chills from Slendrina, Slenderman, and Granny. These titles are some of the most popular ones in the escape survival genre. However, due to the games’ simplicity and lack of dynamics, they quickly got old.

Bringing the elements of escape games over to multiplayer gaming, Granny’s House is a real game-changer in the genre. Created by Update Games, it’s a free-to-play online game with the coolest features, from visuals to mechanics, to the wide variety of game modes to choose from. While it stays true to the core mechanics of an escape game, it offers a lot more than just playing a deadly hide and seek with a vile creature.


The game currently offers 3 modes. In Escape Mode, there will be 2 players assigned as a Granny– the seekers- and 4 players as Dorothy, the hiders. Players will be playing against each other after being randomly assigned to their roles. Dorothy players will have to collect 3 hints scattered around the house to be able to escape the area. Granny players, on the other hand, must ensure no one escapes by catching the hiders and locking them in a prison. Hiders can choose to rescue their imprisoned teammates by pressing the button right outside the prison. Once the hints have been completed, hiders can now escape their way to victory.

The second mode is called Infection Mode, wherein players play by the simple rule of escape or catch. Simply put, you’ll get randomly selected as either Granny or Dorothy. Each time a Granny catches a Dorothy, their roles will be switched. Unlike the first mode, there’s no teamwork in play here. You only have yourself to win.

The third and last mode is Story Mode. Here, escaping is made much more exciting. Players enter a match in groups. All of them are Dorothy and they can choose between 6 different roles: the Bomber, the Thrower, the Trapper, the Puppeteer, the Beater, and the Healer. Each role gives a player a unique ability either for offensive or defensive purposes. Enemies here are all NPC’s, and you don’t just deal with one evil grandma. There are hundreds of creepy old people with different looks, and they come in waves. To escape, you basically have to kill all the enemies who get increasingly hard to kill as you move from one level to another.

Other features to keep you coming back

Aside from the modes, Granny’s house has character customization. As you progress on the game, you’ll be getting rewards that you can use to enhance your character’s looks and attributes. You can modify how your Dorothy and Granny look from top to toe, and level up their skills.

There’s also a ranking system. As you increase your experience points by playing, your rank also goes up. This is one of the stand-out features of this game that other online horror games have yet to give. It gives players a reason to keep on grinding.

A stunning free-to-play

Granny’s House can be downloaded for free on Google Play and App Store. For a game you can obtain without paying money, I gotta say this is worth a five-star review.

Its visuals can be compared to a PC or console game– an amazing feat for a mobile game, to be honest. The movement animations are smooth in a Genshin Impact kind of way. Add to the mix the immersive music that works in enveloping the gameplay in a hair-raising atmosphere, then you’ve got a total package here.

Overall, Granny’s house is a game that allows for an exceptional mobile gaming experience. And well, now that Halloween is around the corner, this can be the closest thing you and your homies have to a Halloween party since our quarantine days are not over, yet.

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