Ever wanted to step into the wonderfully weird world of the Gorillaz? Well, with their new augmented reality app, you’ll be able to do just that. It’s completely free, and it includes a lot of cool features.

The augmented reality app makes use of your smartphone’s camera to show places in the world of the Gorillaz. Step into their studio, click on their stuff, and even interact with the members themselves! You can listen to playlists made by Murdoc, Russel, 2D, and Noodle.

Good Times, Good Times

The Gorillaz have their hands full. Their album, Humanz, will be dropping in April 28. They’ll be performing in live events all over the world. The band’s first gig will be the Demon Dayz festival at an amusement park in the UK on June 10. Then they’re off to Festival d’Été International de Québec in Canada on July 15. Shortly after, they’re headed to Japan to headline the Fuji Rock Festival on July 28. Finally they’ll be going back to the USA for the first time in seven years to rock out at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival from August 11-13.

Other than the gigs, the Gorillaz are exploring different media. The Spirit House from their music video “Saturnz Barz”, will be showing up in different parts of the globe in the following months. The Gorillaz team will be working with Sonos to create immersive spirit houses in raw spaces that will feature music, custom artwork, art installations, and digital projections. Jamie Hewlett, the animator behind the cartoon band, has even hinted at a 10-episode Gorillaz TV show.

A Different Kind of House Party

If you can’t get enough of the Gorillaz, download their augmented reality app here for iOS, and here for Android. This app is your ticket to a different kind of house party, the Humanz House Party. It’s going to be a worldwide event where fans can listen to the new album for the very first time. A press release says that it “will be the largest ever geo-specific listening experience bringing people together across 500 locations.” Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity; get the Gorillaz app today!

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