Consider yourself a Genshin Impact noob? Here are some guides, tips, and tricks, and some secrets for beginners to start their adventure with some advantage.


Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG/gacha game that is blowing up in the gaming community because of its gameplay, graphics, and characters, inspired by the game breath of the wild. To add up it’s also a cross-platform game. You can play it on Mobile, Ps4, Xbox, and Pc.

1st secret

When you first spawn in the game, your first quest is to follow Paimon(emergency food). DO NOT FOLLOW HER. First, look at your left there is a rock in the middle of the sea.



Swim to it without using your dash to save your energy or else you’ll drown. It may take a while but be patient.


When you reach the rock there is a hidden precious chest behind the rock. It contains artifacts that make you stronger and some items to help you progress your character.



During your first quest don’t be afraid to explore your surroundings and take everything that shines, fight low-level mobs because they drop items. Are you scared that your inventory will be full? Don’t be, your inventory can carry 30,000 items. That’s a lot of zeros for a level 1 character, right?




Proceed and just follow your main quests to make you a stronger adventurer. There are two kinds of levels in Gensin Impact. The Adventure Level, Character, and Weapon Level.

First, let’s talk about the Adventure Level. Adventure Level can progress by completing quests, opening chests, and some random events. Increasing your adventure level will unlock more features like a co-op, dungeons, bosses, and many more.


Next is the Character Level. Character Level, Weapons, and Artifacts can be upgraded by using some materials designated for each character and item. The higher the level the stronger you will become.


2nd secret

When you reach the city of Mondstandt go to the upper part of the city where you can locate the church. Climb to the top of it and you will find a precious chest.



3rd Secret

Go inside the church and talk to the nun to your left. After finishing the conversation she will give you a 4-star artifact. Another free stuff!




The game doesn’t tell you which characters to level up first, which are the strongest and which are built for damaging enemies or supporting and healing your party.

DPS (Damage Per Second) is the main factor of the game on how fast you can kill an enemy. You can increase your DPS by upgrading your character, ascending your weapons and artifacts which focuses on the attack, critical damage, and critical rate.

Some characters good for DPS are:


Support and healers are almost the same BUT they’re different. Confusing? Let me explain:

Support characters have very powerful abilities that give enemies some elemental status when combined with other elements will create big damages. On the other hand, healers give your party some buffs and heal you. Still confused?

Here are some elemental combinations:







The combat in Genshin Impact is very unique in some ways. To make you understand better, here is the gist of it. Your support or healers are only there to activate their skills and quickly switch to your main DPS to create tons of damage to your enemies.

Pro tip: order your party the 1st one is the DPS and the 2nd to 4th are the support

Did you get it? Not yet? Okay, let me explain again. 4th to 2nd party members use all their skill and let the 1st one, your DPS, finish them all off with pure damage. Here is an example:


Pro tip: focus on leveling up your main DPS rather than your supports.

I hope you learned a lot from this guide and it gave you an advantage over other adventurers.

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