New story quests, characters, and a ton of features and improvements are coming in the next Genshin Impact update.


Genshin Impact is already a big game, but it’s going to get even bigger soon. Developer MiHoYo has a roadmap of Genshin Impact updates that extends all the way to February, with its first major update coming in just a few weeks on November 13.

When does Genshin Impact update 1.1 release?


Genshin Impact update 1.1 releases on November 13. Developer MiHoYo hasn’t yet stated how the update process will work or what time update 1.1 will be live, but it’s possible the game will be offline for a few hours.

What new features are coming? 


The big exciting new feature is a reputation system. According to leaked patch notes, each region (just Liyue and Mondstadt for now) will have their own reputation level that increases as you explore, complete side quests, and take on a new type of activity called bounties and requests.

The inventory system is getting a nice upgrade, too. Players will be able to lock certain items to prevent them from being accidentally deleted or used to upgrade other items, and MiHoYo said it is working on a new set of filters so you can quickly organize your trove of equippable artifacts to make it easier to identify upgrades.

What new characters are being added? 

Over the next few years, Genshin Impact is expected to receive dozens of new characters. Update 1.1 is also rumored to be adding four or five of these new characters.

Some of the new characters are:


Xiao, an Anemo polearm user who transforms into a demonic form that rapidly drains his HP but increases all other stats.


Zhongli, a Geo polearm user who can shatter Geo objects around him or call down a meteor that turns enemies to stone temporarily.


Childe, a Hydro bow user who can swap to melee weapons with his Elemental Skill, letting him quickly swap between two styles of combat.


Xinyan, a Pyro Claymore user who uses her guitar to set enemies aflame.


Diona, a Cryo Bow user who throws cocktails at enemies that damage them over time and heal allies who stand in the area of effect it creates.

What about new in-game events? 


A number of in-game events have also been rumored based on their appearance in the closed beta version of update 1.1 and leaked patch notes.

A new referral program will give players Primogems if they get friends to register a Genshin Impact account and reach Adventure Rank 15.

Here is the trailer for the 1.1 update for Genshin Impact.

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