Calling out all couples out there! You can now play house with virtual furry felines in this adorable mobile game!

Did we mention it’s gender friendly too?

TBH, even though it’s hard, taking care of cats or pets can really be rewarding (hands down to you if you’re one of those who can). While for some, it’s only a thing they can dream of because of many reasons like they just can’t get used to it or you know–allergies. But it doesn’t mean their love for cats must be spared. Luckily, HyperBeard has made it easier for everyone by launching a new mobile game titled, ‘Adorable Home’, wherein cat moms and dads can take care of one without any worries.


Adorable Home

This adorable simulation basically tasks players to take care of their cat-filled home while their partner is at work. Things needed to be done include preparing meals for your partner and feeding the kitties to earn their love.

HyperBeard Launches New ‘Adorable Home’ Game.


With those love points, you can use it to unlock new areas and buy more furniture, decorations, and yes… more CATS! And the more cats you have, the more adorable moments you’ll get to capture and save in your photo album.

Gender friendly

HyperBeard Launches New ‘Adorable Home’ Game 1

Cats aside, another thing we liked about this title is that players have the liberty of choosing and naming which characters to play for them and their partners, meaning same-sex couples can also enjoy it. So to that, we say ha! Gender roles, what?

If you’re excited like us, you can now download this game on Google Play or App Store! What are you waiting for?!

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