Embark on a new journey into a vast land as World of Dragon Nest launches its Closed Beta Test!

Tap into the biggest and richest classic free-to-play MMORPG as it returns. Because World of Dragon Nest is coming to your mobile phones!

Releases last Summer of 2018, World of Dragon Nest is an installment of the original Dragon Nest. It features characters from the PC version and introduces in new characters, with the similar gameplay. However, since it will be released on the mobile platform, there will be auto combat mode added. So far, the biggest features are the non-targeting combat and the lack of the class/skill system in the original PC version.

Eyedentity, developer of Dragon Nest, with publisher Nexon Thailand, will soon launch the Closed Beta Testing (CBT). The CBT will go live on August 1 – 7, 2019 across Southeast Asia. However, there will be only a 30,000 accounts made available for the CBT.

They will be testing server stability, functionality of the game and bugs as well. Data coming from the 30,000 beta testers will help develop the game for the upcoming full release.

Here’s how to register for CBT:

1. Head to the website http://bit.ly/2LC2p49 (all CBT participants must register in order to play the game)
2. Download the game from the https://wod.nexon.com website from 1st August onwards

*All player data will be reset once the CBT ends

The CBT will only be available for 5 SEA countries. Particularly, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. Registration for the CBT will be up until July 30, 2019 only.

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