ESL Katowice 2019 ended, providing us the best Dota yet again!

Even with the Poland installment ending, there’s still more to come as ESL One prepares for ESL Mumbai this coming April 2019. But what makes ESL One the best at its time?

Time and time again, ESL One brings heaps of excitement to the Dota community. Jumping from one tournament to the next, they never fail to outdo their selves every single time. Just recently, ESL Katowice 2019 concluded with Team Secret emerging as champions after a dominating run in the whole tournament. And I can honestly say that ESL Katowice 2019 is, by far, the best tournament to date. (Sorry, KL and CQ Major!) From the promotions, the production, the games and contents they release, ESL One knows how to tease and deliver to the thirsty Dota community.

Witty Gimmicks

ESL One knows how to entertain not only their audience but also the players themselves. Every ESL tournament, they have these amusing and humorous written letters for every player in every team. They never miss out messing up with the players and giving them a few laughs. I mean, the competition itself is stressful enough, with all the games for the next few days. And ESL knows that. So the letters they sent out are motivating and yes, relieving at the same time.

Take a look at Alliance’s iNSaNiA who took the time to share what ESL One’s letter for him.

Engaging and Informative Content

Their social media accounts are full of fun contents about the competition. Some tournaments tend to post just match schedules, who won and who’s going home. But ESL does it better. They showcase a lot of clips and pictures that viewers and fans from all over the world. From exciting team introductions to match highlights of every game. Aside from that, they even conjure their own memes every now and then. Clips of interviews during the competition are also released, of course, most of them are funny as hell. In some non-Valve sanctioned tournaments, fans don’t always get to see photos of their favorite players and teams. But ESL provides the right fan service for everyone. Here are some of the hilarious contents they’ve released last ESL Katowice 2019.

Superb Production Value

Above all, ESL One brings the best of Dota experience for everyone. No doubt, the production value of their tournaments are top notch. No wonder professional teams and fans don’t want to miss their tournaments. The whole event itself does not disappoint. Ticket holders get more than what they’ve bargained for. Aside from the goodies and merchandise around the venue, they get to see their favorite teams live. On top of that, the interaction between the hosts and the fans makes it more special. So if you think this is ESL’s best one yet, then you’re wrong. You can expect that on the next ESL One installment, you’ll see more improvements from them.

The next ESL installment would be ESL Mumbai 2019 at Mumbai India. Partnered with NODWIN Gaming, ESL brings a brand new Dota to Mumbai fans these coming April 19 – 21, 2019. So stay tuned for more of ESL because they are just starting!