Get ready legends as we grind into Apex Legends Season 2!

Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Charge has arrived. And as we enter a new season, Apex Legends sports some good looking features for everyone to feast. While a lot of players have known for quite sometime what Season 2 has to offer, here’s a brief overview of what’s new.

New Legend Wattson

The cream of the crop of this season’s new features is none than the new legend, Wattson. She’s a young French inventor who turns out to be the daughter of the creator of the Apex Legends Arena.

Unlike most Legends, she offers a defensive play style, considering the kind of skills she has. Her tactical ability Perimeter Security allows her to deploy an electric fence that will damage enemies that walk through it. Good thing, it doesn’t affect her teammates. Players can use it to deny entrance, isolate enemies or create a safety retreat for her teammates. While her passive skills Spark of Genius allows Wattson to fully recharge her ultimate whenever she uses an Ultimate Accelerant.

On the other hand, her ultimate Interception Pylon plants an electrified pylon that intercepts incoming projectiles. This includes, Gibraltars and Bangalore’s ults and grenades. You can plant 3 pylons.

Wattson is available to all players for Legend Tokens or Apex Coins.

New Weapon L-Star

Season 2 introduces a new weapon as well. The L-Star light machine gun is a gold-class legendary weapon. Just like the Kraber .50-Cal and Mastiff, it can only be found at supply drops.

It has a 60-round magazine and comes with 180 rounds. However, just like other gold-class legendary weapons, it’s ammo cannot be replenished. It deals with a lot of firepower and damage and can fire extremely fast. But sustained fires can cause it to overheat.

Map changes

There are certain big changes at the King Canyon’s map as well. The giant dinosaurs called Leviathans now cross the map. Unlike before that it just stood as background, it’s now interactive, along with the pterodactyls. There are areas that are destroyed, showing collapsed buildings and open spaces to explore. At the same time, there are new building as well. The most notable among them is the six-story building called the Cage.

There will be a new Ranked Mode as well. It will include a skill-based matchmaking and six ranked tiers. On the other hand, Battle Pass will include daily and weekly challenges that you can grind.

Apex Legends might have a bit of a dip back in Season 1. But for Season 2 Battle Charge, we’re seeing new reasons to go back and play some great Battle Royale FPS games.

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