Bad news, everyone! It looks like TNC.Predator Kuku can’t play on WESG this March 2019!

Unfortunately, WESG representatives confirmed Kuku might not be able to play for the tournament. According to, WESG contacted them with the information. The Chinese government has banned Kuku from entering Chongqing, China to participate in World Electronic Sports Games 2018-2019.

Apparently, Kuku might not be able to participate in WESG because of the ban. Seems like the local government of China is extending the ban on Kuku, affecting his appearance with TNC in WESG. The organizers themselves have yet to release a full statement. But it seems that they will be strictly following the instructions of the local authorities. TNC might need to have someone fill in again for him.

Last December 2018, Kuku took a break after being involved in a racist issue. Apparently, Kuku made a racist remark to a Chinese player during a pub match. And even before that, another Filipino player, Andrei “Skem” Ong got involved in a racist scandal as well. With the complaints from the Chinese government, Valve had to ban Kuku from participating The Chongqing Major. Despite well-known personalities petitioning to remove the ban, it still went through.

Because of the ban, Ryo “ryOyr” Hasegawa filled in for him in the previous Major in Chongqing, China. However, Kuku returned to the team’s active roster last January 30.

However, WESG and TNC have yet to release a full statement regarding this., the Russian esports news site was the first ones to be contacted by WESG about this.

The final stage of World Electronic Sports Games 2018 will take place in Chongqing, China on March 7 – 10, 2019. Participating teams, including TNC, will fight for the lion’ share of the $890,000 USD.

What a shocker that Kuku can’t play on WESG. Do you think WESG will change their minds? Is this official? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.