It’s up! Dota 2’s True Sight: The International 2018 documentary of Champions OG is something that you can’t miss!

After six months of waiting, Valve‘s “True Sight” documentary has been released to the public audience. This year’s True Sight features the TI8 Grand Finals between OG and PSG.LGD. And of course, with OG walking away with the Aegis of Immortals. It premiered at the Nordisk Film Cinema Palads in Copenhagen, Denmark. And it was also broadcasted through SteamTV and Twitch.

True Sight is Valve’s documentary series that follows the behind the scenes of the journey of professional esports teams. And as a matter of fact, every players and fans are all waiting for True Sight every single time. Not only we get to see their journey but we also get to know more about the players behind the monitors and the game.

But the new installment of the series was the best one yet!

No doubt, The International 8 Grand Finals was one of the most remarkable matches in the Dota 2 history. With the dark horse OG against the heavily-favored PSG.LGD, their Cinderella run to victory is something that we can’t just miss. The documentary showed the things happening behind the monitors and footage that wasn’t broadcasted in the TI8 coverage.

But most importantly is how OG came to rise to the top and there is no denying that True Sight was able to capture all of it.

What We Love in True Sight

The drafting phase and in-game comments and cheers of the players were something that you don’t always see. The drafting phase was even considered a battle of the brains between Sebastien ‘Ceb’ Debs and Yao ‘QQQ’ Yi. It displayed the personality of the players during the games and how competitive they can get. Aside from that, every break after a game, we get to see their reactions and reflections about the games. But what really stood out is the resilience OG has shown throughout the best-of-five series. Despite being on the edge of every game, especially on Games 4 and 5, they were able to make a comeback. Their resolves never wavered and they always found their way to get back up every time.

Furthermore, Ceb’s pep talk was just the kind of pep talk you want. No wonder OG had the guts to make those kinds of pick during Game 5. But what really had us were the players’ reactions and out-of-the-blue facial expressions. I mean, seriously, all of them sparked memes in the social media space.

Indeed, it was a pleasure to relive The international 8 Grand Finals. OG might have been a dark horse back then but they’ve carved their names as ones who’ve held the Aegis of Immortals. And PSG.LGD might have missed a mark but they will definitely come back strong for the next tournaments this year. The International 8 True Sight is one emotional rollercoaster of a ride and it will forever have a special place in our hearts.

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