Tims finally speaks up after TNC got booed several times at The International 2019. Find out what he has to say right here!

Currently held in China, The International is a prestigious tournament in Dota 2 and is long-awaited event for many. Coincidentally, long before TI9 began, the Chinese community already had a negative inclination against TNC because of Kuku’s controversy that sparked in 2018. And it seems that they haven’t forgotten about it.

TNC was booed during the opening ceremony of The International 2019. This wasn’t the only case of TNC being ridiculed. After TNC took one game from Liquid in their play-off series, the crowd did not hold back their extreme disapproval of TNC. This, however, did not get to them as they were able to score 2-0 against Liquid and move on to the Upper Bracket.

Just as things were getting good, Vici Gaming sends TNC to the Lower Bracket after a disappointing 2-1 match. TNC’s TI9-run ended when Liquid surprisingly beat them with a score of 2-0. Many were surprised because TNC already beat them during the play-offs. And as if TNC hasn’t already got it rough, the crowd used this chance to further mock and jeer at TNC, striking down their morale even more.

On Wednesday, TNC player, Timothy John “Tims” Randrup revealed they were jeered and harassed by the Chinese crowd. Tims posted on Twitter disappointed that the crowd even followed them up to their hotel room and cursed at them. “They ‘boooo’ us on every game entrance, they even follow us on our suite room after the loss to liquid and shouting and saying bad words on us.”

“I’m so sad,” he added. Tims ended his tweet by asking the Chinese community to forgive Kuku, so everyone can enjoy Dota. “I hope next season the Chinese Community will forgive my friend Kuku and move on. So we can all enjoy the game DOTA.”

TI9 crowd

Issues are very much common every TI, but one of this year’s biggest complaint is the crowd. Many fans are complaining about how the Chinese crowd is “too selective” when it comes to cheering. Some say Valve had to intervene and use in-game cheers because there were no cheers for other teams. Others even say that the Chinese government strictly instructed the crowd not to cheer Western and other teams.

But isn’t it like that in every game? Home crowds will cheer for their home teams. Isn’t this too hypocritical of many fans in the first place? While some may say, “Manila Major wasn’t like that.” It’s definitely true. Manila Major was heaps of fun because the crowd was so excited. Maybe the success of the event was because of the lively nature of Filipinos. And maybe, Chinese crowds just naturally cheer for the teams they want.

One Chinese user named “u/fovhy100” posted on Reddit, explaining what happened in TI9 from a Chinese perspective. According to him, “I hope you guys put less focus on what the crowd is doing, what the government is doing and just enjoy the amazing Dota in front of us.” Hate can only cause more hate. It’s time we create a safer and less toxic game scene, not only in Dota 2 but in esports generally.

In regard to the crowd problem in this TI (from a Chinese perspective) from DotA2

Crowd or no crowd, Dota 2 is a game which everyone loves. Whether we may be different races, we all unite to watch the game. Isn’t that what really matters?

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