After defeating top dog Fnatic, TNC.Predator pounds MYSG and claims their ticket to the Epicenter Major 2019!

ICYMI, TNC.Predators are back in action! During the Epicenter Major SEA Closed Qualifiers, TNC has shown their famed tenacity over the whole tournament. After finishing as the top scorer at the Round Robin group stages with 6 – 1, TNC directly takes the first slot to the Major.

Surprisingly, the team lost to Geekfam during the early stages of the tournament. However, they seemed to get back up to their feet after their consecutive wins for the last rounds. To be honest, their matchup with Fnatic was the deciding match of their fate for the closed qualifiers. Losing to Fnatic meant that they will have to play until the playoffs as Fnatic leads the scoreboards. Despite the pressure, the team managed to pull through with overwhelming strength. Even with the early aggression from Fnatic, TNC used it as an advantage to catch the enemy team off guard.

After winning over Fnatic, TNC faced Power of MYSG for the last round. It might have been the last and deciding match for the team. But for TNC, it was a matchup that they could easily take on. Unlike their matchup with Fnatic. Carlo “Kuku” Palad showed off his Batrider again, same goes with Timothy “Tims” Randrup on his Earthshaker and Nico “eyyou” Barcelon’s Oracle. Even with MYSG’s Lifestealer and Lina pushing through, TNC knew better to shake them off. And just as the game hit the 45-minute mark, everyone knew that TNC has already secured the victory.

With Lee “Heen” Seung Gon’s guidance, as TNC’s new coach, they’ve definitely shown great improvement. True enough, the TNC looks reformed, as seen in their strategy. Nevertheless, this new TNC seems to be in tip-top shape and ready for the big league once more. If the team manages to perform better in the next coming tournaments, they might have a chance to secure a spot for The International 2019.  So far, with this win, they directly qualify for Epicenter Major 2019 at Moscow, Russia this coming June 2019.

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