The Philippine Pride is back at it! TNC Predator wins Asian Pacific Predator League 2019 and this time, it’s the heat is on.

It’s been a great weekend for TNC Predator as they pave their way at the Asian Pacific Predator League 2019. Despite having an unstable footing during the start of the DPC season, it seems that the Filipino team is back to their groove. Just recently, TNC participated in the Asian Pacific Predator League 2019 at Bangkok, Malaysia.

TNC definitely had a good run during the APPL 2019. The team qualified for the tournament after being invited to play against top teams from selected Asian Pacific countries. TNC showed great performances in the tournament, showing off a new style of drafting, similar to Team Secret’s. On top of their new draft strategy, the team showcased their strength as a team playing in big tournaments. They faced off Lotac and yG during the Quarterfinals and Semifinals respectively. Though TNC dropped one game for each best-of-three series, they managed to defeat their enemies.

After the semis, TNC faced off with GeekFam, previous champion of the APPL series. However, GeekFam did not withstand the brute force of TNC. In just 25 minutes for two consecutive games, TNC crushed GeekFam and secure a slot for the Grand Finals. And on the Grand Finals, TNC went head to head with BOOM ID. As expected for both teams, the best-of-three series went on longer than the usual. It was a battle of patience on who makes the wrong move. But  TNC knows better and managed to steal two consecutive games for BOOM ID.

TNC took home the  $75,000 prize as Grand Champions of the Asian Pacific Predator League 2019. This might be the stepping stone TNC is looking for after the series of loss they’ve encountered before. It will be the World Electronic Sports Games next for TNC. Though they won’t have Kuku playing for the tournament, they will still participate as SEA’s representative. WESG 2018 will be on March 07, 2019 at Chongqing, China.

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