GAMES: TNC Predator takes WESG Championship title once again

Once again, proving to the world that they are here, TNC Predator wins WESG 2018. And that’s a back-to-back championship title for them! Way to go, boys!

Taking on the bests teams from each country, TNC Predator shows that they mean business. After competing with 24 other national teams, TNC triumphs over Keen Gaming with a clean sweep of 2 – 0.

Unfortunately, after qualifying for the WESG 2018, TNC’s former captain, Ninjaboogie departed from the team. And as for their offlaner, Kuku, he had to sit the tournament out due to issues with the Chinese local government. The LAN finals of WESG were held in Chongqing, China where Kuku got banned. Valve sanctioned the punishment after Kuku used a racist Chinese slur. Though the Chongqing Municipality said nothing about the ban, WESG released a statement about it a month before. It claimed that they will follow the instructions of the local government, thus, not allowing Kuku to participate with his team in the LAN finals.

However, despite the unexpected and unfortunate turn of events, TNC went on full-on during the tournament. Joining them as Kuku’s stand-in was Raven, their previous teammate loaned from Lotac. Since the tournament is comprised of the best players of each country, it was indeed tough for TNC. They were one of the crowd favorites favored to win WESG. And their closest competitor was White-Off, Russia’s stack composed of 4 players from Virtus.pro. They faced White-Off during the Semifinals and luckily, won over them with another clean sweep of 2 – 0.

Advancing together with them in the Finals is Keen Gaming. And to be very honest, the Finals series with Keen Gaming was fast. TNC dominated their Bo3 match against the Chinese representatives. And you can really tell that TNC overpowered them. TNC takes home their 2nd WESG grand champion title and $500,000 along with it.

What do you think of TNC’s lineup in WESG 2018? Do you think they can manage to continue that dominating performance? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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