Despite Kuku being back on the squad, TNC Predator fails to qualify for Stockholm Major.

Recently, TNC Predator announced that their offlaner, Carlo “Kuku” Palad is back in the squad. Kuku’s return was just in time for DreamLeague Season 11’s Stockholm Major SEA Qualifiers. Fans of the team and of Kuku’s himself were excited to see him play once again in the big leagues. However, it seemed to be that TNC Predator wasn’t as synergized as they were before Kuku’s break. TNC Predator seemed to be lost in translation as they lost a deciding series against WarriorsGaming.Unity in the Stockholm Major SEA Qualifiers.

In the Group Stage distribution, TNC Predator was seeded with Mineski and two Filipino teams, Lotac and DeToNator. Which looked really good for them. To be honest, they could easily outdo Lotac and DeToNator and maybe rack some points to get to the Upper Bracket. But that didn’t happen for them. They managed to score their first victory but Mineski defeated them on the next series. It was a crushing defeat, to be honest. With a score of 32 – 2, it was an overwhelming match against Mineski. TNC tried to come back against Lotac but also lost the series.

Being seeded in the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs, TNC’s only chance is to dominate the Lower Bracket and win. TNC faced WG.Unity, a team who finished dead last in the Group Stage. The team managed to secure Game 1 with their aggressive and bold plays. But WG.Unity was able to bounce back and take Game 2 with their overpowering Timbersaw pick. And just for the do-or-die Game 3, TNC took a brave choice to pick the unusual Rubick mid pick. And somehow, their bravery became their downfall. Their Rubick didn’t come online and WG.Unity stomped them to dust. TNC only got 8 kills for the whole 30-minute match.

Sadly, with no hopes of a comeback in Game 3, TNC had to call out GG and hand WG.Unity the victory.  Their loss against WG.Unity eliminates them from the SEA Qualifiers early. Fans are hoping that this is just an adjustment period for TNC, now that Kuku’s back. Furthermore, you’ll still get to see TNC as they participate in World Eletronic Sports Games 2018 (WESG) this coming March 2019.