GAMES: TI9 Playoffs Day 2 ends in heartbreaks after TNC and Virtus.pro exit the tournament

Despite their stunning performance at the TI9 Playoffs, TNC.Predator and Virtus.pro fall short to keep their TI dreams alive.

Another year to realize their dream year-long TI dream, Day 2 Playoffs sees off two of the best teams. TNC.Predator and Virtus.pro, both dominant players during the Group Stages are sent home packing. And their elimination from the tournament comes as a big disappointment to their respective regions.

TNC fails to keep the Filipino pride alive

Over the past few months of the season, both teams had shown tremendous growth. Especially TNC, under the guidance of the former Team Liquid Coach, Heen. True enough, they’ve endured the Group Stages as one of the top teams. But despite that, they find themselves dropping to the lower bracket after their loss against Vici Gaming. The faced former TI champion, Team Liquid, in hopes to continue their TI run.

They’ve had their fair share of games against Team Liquid in the past few months. Some are lost, some are won. But with Heen coaching them, everyone thought that they had the advantage over Liquid. However, it doesn’t seem like it as Team Liquid sweep them clean with a 2-0 series.

Virtus.pro falls to their knees over an underdog team

This might be the most disappointing TI run for the bears of CIS region. As for over the years, Virtus.pro has and always been one of the top teams globally. And their early exit in the tournament surely broke hearts of a lot of fans. After being matched with PSG.LGD, they were defeated in 2-0 breeze. This made them drop to the Lower Bracket to play against RNG.

VP seemed pretty confident to win against RNG, especially since the latter is considered as an underdog team in the tournament. However, they ended up being surprised as they were taken down 2-0 by RNG. Indeed, VP had better drafts against RNG. And their loss despite their advantage caused them frustration, to say the least. The top dog undermined by the underdogs. That really hurt the powerhouse TI9 hopeful.

As these two teams end their TI dream, we’ll still be seeing them once more for the rest of the season.

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