Join the fight in the overgrown, enchanted ruin jungles in this season’s Battle Pass! Get a load of exclusive rewards and indulge another amazing gaming experience before The International 2019!

Finally, The International 2019 Battle Pass is officially here! Knocking at your doorsteps, the much awaited pre-TI9 event brings us new things to rave about. Aside from having the chance to get amazing sets and rewards all throughout the duration of Battle Pass, it comes with new features too!

Just so you know, Standard Battle Pass costs $9.99. While to skip to Battle Pass Level 50, you gotta pay up $29.35. It saves you 5% on all included levels. Skipping directly to Battle Pass Level 100. You’d have to splurge $44.99 and save 15% on all included levels. Anyway, 25% of the Battle Pass sales will go to The International 2019 prize pool. And so far, the prize pool has hit around $5,00,000!

Anyway, we’ve listed down the Battle Pass features that you’d want to try out with your friends. Let’s get it on!

Wrath of Mo’Rokai

This special event will be unlocked very soon! Apparently, the event details are quite cryptic. It appears that players have to feed the Mo’Rokai, an ancient arcane beast in order to go into battle. Opposing teams will have to destroy the enemy Ancient with the help of their own Mo’Rokai. Winning teams will get a special stash of Battle Points. (Yay!) While for the losing team, they’ll be fed to the Mo’Rokai. Bummer.

Jungle Expedition

On the other hand, Jungle Expedition lets players to explore a network of rooms where they have to battle with random heroes. Once they defeat the enemy and clear the room, they’d win loot and move forward to the next room. It’s quite similar to last year’s Cavern Crawl where they have to play different heroes to clear the maze. And of course, at the end of each expedition, players can win a set for particular heroes. And this time, they can win a set for Dazzle, Ursa and Sven.

Coach’s Challenge

Now this one’s good for leaders! Coach’s Challenge allows players to guide their party or squad to victory. You’ll be teamed up with players with a lower MMR than yours. They will rate your leadership skills after each match. So if you perform well and well, lead your team to victory like a great leader that you are, you’ll win additional Battle Points! You’ll also be able to climb the coaching rank leaderboards too!

Party Finder

Tired of adding other players to your Steam Friends list just to play with them? Say no more! The Party Finder feature is back! You don’t have to worry expanding your Steam Friends list. With this feature, you just need to add teammates you like to play within your Party Finder pool. In that way, when you want to play, you’ll just have to toggle the Party Finder option to invite people from the pool. You can also add your existing Steam Friends to your Party Finder pool so you can send an invite to everyone in one click!

Avoid Player

Sick and tired of getting teamed up with the someone you don’t like? The Avoid Player feature got your back! Valve added an experimental feature that guarantees that you won’t match with a player again. To keep a healthy and fun gaming experience, you can filter the players you don’t want to play with. On the post-game screen, you can add tag them with the Avoid Player feature. Easy-peasy.

Dota Plus Assistant New Features

For Dota Plus subscribers, there are new features for you! The new Dota Plus Assistant features allow you to see detailed tips in drafting. The Friends and Foes feature helps you identify which heroes go well with your picks. And you can also see the bad counters or enemies that clashes with your lineup. This feature helps you learn the meta real time and help you improve you’re drafting skills!

Returning Features

But wait! There’s more! Ther are returning features from last year’s Battle Pass, so you don’t have to worry. You can recycle duplicate Immortals to receive unopened Immortal Treasures and an extra spin on Rylai’s Battle Blessing. There’s also a chance to double your Battle Levels twofold once per week. We still have the usual wagering, in-game tipping, ranked roles matchmaking, and the trivia portion. And of course, no one won’t want to miss the Arcana Votings and The International Compendium!

Definitely, it’s a great season for us Dota players! Make sure you avail the TI9 Battle Pass and try out these amazing features with your friends!

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