The Simpsons brings the esports industry to pop culture in the most enlightening way possible through E My Sports.

Esports has a long-standing stigma among the general public who are not aware of how it works. But The Simpson, known for their dedication in introducing tropes to the public pulled off a stunt to set the record straight. In the latest episode of The Simpsons Season 30, the creators produced an episode featuring the esports or gaming industry. In the episode E My Sports, Bart sheds light how multifaceted the esports industry can be.

After Homer gets Bart a high-end gaming rig, Bart ends up playing a game called “Conflict of Enemies. Then he and his friends end up competing in “Conflict of Enemies” in hopes to get famous and, of course, win money. “Conflict of Enemies” is heavily influenced by the real MOBA game, League of Legends. According to the creators, they consulted Riot Games, developers of LoL to accurately the message they want. The episode touches multiple aspects of the esports, like misconceptions and informative bits, both positive and negative.

Age Range?

In the episode, Homer introduced “The Detonator”, a 19-year-old gaming burnout that will tutor Bart and the Evergreen Terrors. He portrays a pro player turned coach who knows all the gaming slang and knowledge about the game. However, he decides that his career is over after his character dies in the game. He begins to the sentiment that at 19, that’s the longest possible age your career can live. Which is a complete ironic attack to the beliefe because most players start their career at that age. The general public thinks that esports careers are short-lived, thus resulting in retirement at an early age. It’s not entirely false because there are players who retire at an early age.

However, for today, some players are just starting at the age of 19. Let’s take Anathan “ana” Pham as an example. ana started at the age of 15 participating in the competitive scene of Dota 2. He became one of the best carry players in the game up until today. Not only that, but he guided his teammates from OG to victory numerous times, as a Majors champion and as the TI8 champion last year. Even at the age of 19, he is still active and still participates in the competitive scene. Aside from ana, there are famous players who even play competitively even after having a family of getting married. Team Secret’s Puppey and MidOne both have families now but are still dominating the ranks.’s captain, Solo is in the same both with them. It just proves that age doesn’t matter in the esports industry, as long as you have the knowledge, skills, and passion for it.

Gender Double Standard

Sophie, the daughter of Krusty the Clown said that she will become the famous girl gamer, win or lose. This goes to show that there are issues about the gender of the player at play in the industry. A lot of female gamers experience flaming and sometimes sexual harassment from male players. Since the esports industry is male-dominated, female players or enthusiasts are treated in a lowly way. No matter how good or bad the player is, as long as she’s female, there’s always a possibility of that kind of treatment from the majority of players. Even companies like Riot have issues with the treatment of their female employees.

Overall, The Simpsons did a good job to introduce esports and the gaming culture to the general public. As a gamer myself, it could be informative in a quirky and funny way while staying true to the things about it. A big kudos to The Simpsons producers and team for presenting esports in the most possible “black-and-white” way.

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