It’s been too long, Valve, too long! And now, we have it! The Rubick Magus Cypher Arcana is out! And everyone’s crazy about the much awaited arcana of all time.

It’s been, like what? Five months? Since The International 2018, we’ve been waiting for almost five months. And what can I say, Valve, I’m impressed! So all supports out there, the Rubick Magus Cypher is ready for the takin’!

Rubick has always been a favorite by players, support players or not. He’s the kind of hero that can be the defensive and offensive support, depending on the stolen spells he gains. Being a flexible hero and all makes him quite the nuisance in every game. So much that in every game, he really makes an upset that can guarantee a successful clash. I mean, it’s unpredictable how the clash would go because he can burst out a lot of skills in one go.

So, I’m not surprised that he won the arcana votings last August. And with the five long months that we’ve endured, Valve has delivered an amazing arcana for Rubick. And just in time with Frosthaven, we wanna grind to that +25 mmr with him!

Magus Cypher Arcana

The Magus Cypher arcana, features a new base model, textures and an all-custom animation and effects. It includes 115 custom stolen spell effects that incorporates the green chroma and pixel-inspired effects. If you look closely, the custom effects on stolen spells looks like something that came from Roblox. The effects are very playful and unique and I want one too!

Check out the 115 stolen spells animation and effects for the Magus Cypher arcana below.

Aside from that, the Arcana comes with the Crux of Perplex Immortal item that has its own separate dynamic color effects every skill stolen depending on the hero. So if you steal a spell from Bane Elemental, the cape turns purple. If you steal from Axe, the cape turns red. Along with the new animations are new sound effects for Spell Steal as well. Rubick’s voice is also remastered for this one.

Further more, it includes a custom hero portrait, minimap icon and the Stolen Spell Icon border effect. If you love spamming things on the chat, there’s a custom emoticon too! Who wouldn’t want one, right?

With Frosthaven happening, a lot of players are already sporting the Magus Cypher arcana. And I’m hella jealous because I want one too! So Gaben, Valve, shut up and take my money!

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