It changes from season to season, the list of heroes you must consistently ban during the draft pick. Because if you go up against them in the battle, you’re risking losing that star and a bit of your sanity.

This season, we’ve got the following characters on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that players just don’t wanna encounter because they’re irritating as hell.


Nana by Montoon

Aside from high damage, this cute little fairy has a lot of important features. Her skill called Molina Smooch turns you into some kind of a weird-walking creature, slowing you down and making you more vulnerable to attacks. Her ultimate skill, Molina Blitz, deals a high amount of magic damage and stuns the receiving enemy for a second. Worse, you cannot simply kill her. Just when you think you’re about to land her the last hit that’s gonna send her in a state of respawning, her passive skill, Molina’s Gift, comes into play. It transforms her for 2 seconds after taking that deadly damage, increasing her speed, making her immune to any attacks, and allowing her to escape.


Diggie by Montoon

Known as Timekeeper, this harmless-looking owl was probably made to irk the fork out of players. He plants bombs that deal high damage, he can pull you back to your position preventing you from escaping, and he can ultimately provide a shield for his teammates, rendering the enemies’ attacks almost useless.

Everything that he does is an inconvenience to the opponent’s side, even after he gets killed in a fight. Because he doesn’t actually die; he just turns into an egg that can still follow enemies around. In that state, he is unable to deal damage but he can interrupt regens and recalls with his skill called Disdain.


Atlas by Montoon

The new kid in class. Atlas is a massive underwater creature joining Khufra in the most powerful tanks today. He deals high damage, probably too high for a tank role, and his ultimate skill called Fatal Links is something players must avoid. He also has stunning and slowing abilities, making him a complete package.

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Natalia by Montoon

Deemed as useless by some harsh players during the past several seasons, this silent killer makes a grand comeback this season 16. The developers have probably noticed how no one was willing to take a risk of losing a star by picking the easy-to-kill Natalia, so they worked on her skills and attributes. Now, her presence in the arena poses a constant threat to squishy heroes, especially the marksmen. Her power of invisibility requires you to be attentive all the time, because anytime she can slash your throat with her Clash Dash.

Other honorable mentions

The aforementioned heroes are just a handful of examples, the most commonly banned heroes in a match. But we’re not taking away the spotlight from other heroes like Selena, who can steal kills after kills in the early parts of game for her super high damage and stunning ability that lasts too long. There’s also Helcurt, the assassin known for his unique ultimate skill: Dark Night Falls, which reduces a player’s vision range, so he can kill and escape effortlessly.

Any other MLBB heroes you’d like to add?

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