Is this LEGO Land?

Ahh, remember the days wherein video game graphics were so bad and blocky but then you just got to live with it? And we’re so glad to say that we have definitely reached a different level when it comes to visuals. But to be honest, there are some times when we just want to relive our childhood playing PS1. Luckily, Bearly Regal gave fans a treat by “de-making” The Last of Us Part II into the iconic pre-HD days.

This is how you take a trip down memory lane

So now that we’ve seen what The Last of Us Part II might look like if it came out in the 90’s on the original PS1, you’re probably wondering about its gameplay.

Made through Media Molecule’s game creation tool Dreams, this version of The Last of Us Part II  is basically an accurate recreation of its game design and graphics but more in vibe with the 90s era. You will still follow the story of a blocky Ellie wandering through the weedy Seattle suburb streets and houses that are actually present in the trailer for the The Last of Us Part II.

The Last of Us Part II demake PS1

YouTube Bearly Regal

The goal of the game is reunite a weapon-less Ellie with Joel and avoid the scary Clickers. In addition, it comes with a twist of somber guitar soundtrack. While the Clickers chasing after you are now pink globby figures.

And get this, Last of Us creative director and Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann showed his seal of approval via Twitter.

Enter a world of blocky visuals

In case you didn’t know, Bearly Regal is a known YouTuber for his “remakes” and “demakes” of major games in various platforms such as Minecraft, LEGO Worlds, and of course the game creation system, Dreams.

Before The Last of Us Part II demake, there was also one for Death Stranding, Cypberpunk 2077, and more. Aside from these, there is a lot of cool things he made like a Spider-Ham mini-game and even a LEGO version of  Fortnite!

Check out his YouTube channel here for more videos!

And don’t you worry if you’re one of the many who won’t have a date this Valentine’s Day because here’s something you can already plan on doing. Dreams will officially launch on PlayStation on February 14. Are you ready to create some game masterpieces?

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