GAMES: The cold hard truth about Sando Gaming

In case you missed it, netizens are back at it again, attacking the streaming community’s what’s so-called “Sando Gaming”. What’s up with Sando Gaming recently?

Recently, the local gaming and streaming community is in the heat with what they call, Sando Gaming streamers. While they continue to patronize female streamers showing off themselves in ‘sando’, they still call them out for using their ‘sex appeal’ to garner viewers and followers. But isn’t this just hypocrisy in guise of suggestion?

Sando Gaming refers to gamers or streamers who play games while wearing sando. Usually, Sando Gaming is a term coined to female streamers who would play games in their sando, intentionally showing off their ample bosoms.

In the past few months, Sando Gaming became rampant in the streaming community. Be it either because of the hot weather or if they just want to show off their assets, they’d still be criticized. As a matter of fact, a lot of popular gamers received hate and backlash for just wearing sando.

Since Sando Gaming skyrocketed in the streaming industry, rising streamers find it hard to compete with Sando Gaming streamers. Even if the player is skilled, they don’t get that many viewers, unlike Sando Gamers. But they’re not the only ones who are affected by the bad impression of Sando Gaming.

Slut shaming Sando Gaming streamers

Some people began slut shaming sando gamers so bad. Netizens became bold and aggressive in commenting on how Sando Gamers make the streaming community bad. Or how Sando Gamers are just all boobs but no skills. People call them names, saying that they’re like selling their bodies in order to gain a huge number of following and viewers.

But that’s not all, they even have the audacity to put up thirsty comments. Disgusting and appalling as it sounds, they can be very rude and shameful at the same time.

The entertainment value

But there are streamers who defend Sando Gaming streamers. In their defense, streamers are considered as entertainers. They entertain through gaming and whatever gimmick they have, it really depends on them. While some showcase their skills in the game, some do fanservice on the side. And I don’t find anything wrong about it. True, they gain an advantage in getting viewers. But streaming involves marketing and making connections. And for them, they utilize the assets they have.

And as for them wearing sando, it’s their choice. What they wear is their own choices. It’s their body, their appearances, their choices. It does not make them any less of a woman. You can say whatever you want, shame them but what does that make you? An asshole, through and through.

The ugly truth

Whatever you do, there would still be people who are out to get you. Whatever they wear, no matter how bad or good they play, people will still have something to say. In this case, it’s just bad for Sando Gaming peeps because of how people criticize them.

They might be showered with affection, flattery, and praises of their fans. But behind their cheerful facade, they are hurt by all of the nasty, shameful and crude remarks. We don’t know the life behind the monitors we watch. But it’s easy for us to judge. Because it’s not us who receives the hate, but those people who just want to entertain and enjoy themselves. They might like it, they might not. But it’s not a matter of how they feel about the shaming they get from people from being Sando Gamers. It’s always what the people say. The public. And I guess, as of now, uprooting the toxicity in the community is still a long way ahead.

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