Oooops! Tencent pulls out PUBG in China and replaces it with a ripoff called Game of Peace.

Just recently, Tencent, one of the largest game publisher, decided to pull out PUBG in China. Tencent had been waiting for the Chinese government’s approval for its inclusion of in-app purchases. But it seems that the approval proved difficult to acquire.

PUBG or PlayerUnkown’s Battleground has been one of the biggest battle royale game in the market. With China being one of the biggest positive receptors of online games, Tencent took it upon themselves to acquire publishing rights in China.

According to the Chinese government, PUBG deviates from the country’s “socialist core values”. Speaking of socialist core values, it includes gore, blood, and the likes. Because of that, having PUBG’s in-app purchases feature approved seemed difficult. So, in order to tap into China’s market, Tencent released Game For Peace instead.

Game For Peace

Anyway, with PUBG gone, Tencent replaced it with a developed in-house dupe called Game For Peace. According to reports, Game For Peace looks exactly the same as PUBG mobile. A ripoff, some might say since there appear little differences to none.

From the gameplay, graphic design and characters, you can see the similarity clear as day. In a similar manner, the blood and gore were taken out of the game. You don’t die in Game For Peace. When you shoot, characters don’t bleed. Instead, when a character dies, they get up and waves goodbye.

Tencent even dubbed it as the “patriotic and socialist” version of PUBG. Game For Peace pays tribute to the “Chinese Air Force that guard the country’s airspace”, Tencent says.

Nevertheless, despite replacement, it appears that Game For Peace is doing good. As of now, it has earned than $14 million in its first 3 days.

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