The Autobattler game wars don’t stop as Tencent enters the playing field with their own Auto Chess version called Chess Rush!

In amidst of the Auto Chess or autobattler games hype, Chinese games giant Tencent joins the fun. And after their surprise announcement, they’ve officially launched Chess Rush, their mobile take on the autobattler genre.

From the developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, Tencent introduces Chess Rush. It’s a new turn-based strategy autobattler game for mobile. Unlike other similar games, it features a fast-paced gameplay which everyone can enjoy

Chess Rush

Similar to Valve’s Dota Underlords or Riot’s Teamfight Tactics, it follows the same game mechanics. Playing on an 8×8 board, players will have to choose their pieces from a limited selection. In order to win against their fellow competitors, players will have to upgrade their pieces. In order to do that, they’ve had to combine 3 of the same chess pieces. At the same time, they can equip items to their pieces.

Chess Rush will feature over 50 characters or heroes. Heroes will come in a varied archetype or class that they can experiment with. But one thing that Chess Rush boasts is the fast pace of the game. Unlike other autobattler games that can last to more than 20 mins, Chess Rush has a Turbo Mode feature that only takes 10 minutes.

There’s also a Co-Op Mode Match where you can play with a duo in a 2 v 2 match. Pretty neat, right? Tencent’s Chess Rush is now available for both Android Google Playstore and iOS App Stores.

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