Don’t miss out on the fun as Riot Games announces the first ever Teamfight Tactics tournament!

With Auto Chess and Dota Underlords announcing their own tournaments, Riot Games doesn’t intend to miss out. Just a few weeks after releasing Teamfight Tactic, Riot Games announces the first-ever Teamfight Tactic tournament.

It hasn’t been over a month since Riot Games released Teamfight Tactics. But they’ve been trying to keep up with Auto Chess and Dota Underlords at an astounding pace. Drodo Studio first announced a $1M Auto Chess tournament in Shanghai. Valve followed in with Dota Underlords’ debut tournament at the upcoming ESL Birmingham. But Riot Games beat them to it, announcing a whopping $125,000 prize pool for the Teamfight Tactics tournament this early July.

TFT Twitch Rivals Tournament

The Teamfight Tactics tournament or TFT Twitch Rivals tournament will feature 64 Twitch streamers. They will be divided into two groups for Day 1. Day 1 will showcase the group stage with 32 players and Day 2 will be for the top 16 finals. With the large prize pool at stake, Riot Games expects to pull up their TFT viewership in Twitch. Apparently, it had dipped for a few days after the launch itself. Though it went back with a solid average of 90K viewers per day, they still want to skyrocket it and maintain a solid viewership with just Teamfight Tactics itself.

The TFT Twitch Rivals tournament is set to happen on July 17 – 18. Full roster, complete format, and tournament breakdown will be announced on July 8. The last man standing gets to take home a piece of the $125,000 prize pool and bragging rights for being the best among the rest.

You can watch the tournament on Twitch’s Rivals channel, or on the streamers’ personal channels.

What can you say about the Riot’s attempt with an early autobattler invitational? Do you think the Teamfight Tactics Twitch Rivals Tournament will show the success of their autobattler mode? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.