After a fast series of matches in the Grand Finals, Team Secret wins the Chongqing Major in a breeze!

Despite losing to in the Playoffs, Team Secret manages to take their spot in the Grand Finals. Team Secret and, just like the previous Major, faced each other again to fight for the championship title in a best-of-five series. The two teams are both strong contenders and crowd-favorites to win the Chongqing Major indeed. However, it was Team Secret who prevailed, taking out, 3 – 1, last January 27 at the Chongqing Major.

No doubt, Team Secret might have had shaky moments during the Playoffs, however, it seemed that they were able to get back into their zone. During Game 1, Secret definitely showed dominance over VP. Even in the drafting phase, Secret was able to pressure VP who had made an unusual decision of picking Oracle. Secret’s lineup was strong and solid, especially when Michal “Nisha” Jankowski’s Phantom Lancer came online early in the game. Upon hitting the 15-minute mark, Nisha’s PL became pretty unkillable, being top of the net worth and all. VP was grasping for straws for their cores, RAMZES666’s Monkey King and 9pasha’s Beast Master, to come online. But it was too late for them since Secret had been tearing down their base. Game 1 ended in just 21 minutes, with VP calling GG.

Game 2, on the other hand, VP called GG on the 17-minute mark of the game. It was the fastest game in the whole tournament. Aside from being the fastest game, Secret showed an unusual draft for Game 2. A Drow-Strat with a support Luna gave way for Secret’s second victory. But it wasn’t just the Luna that was bizarre. The whole lineup of Secret seemed to be like a normal SEA pub match lineup. Nisha’s Drow Ranger, MidOne’s Outworld Devourer, zai’s Centaur Warruner, YapzOr’s Luna and Puppey’s Sven were all cores, as they say. But the team gave it more depth and managed to maximize the heroes.

But eventually, VP got back up on their feet. On Game 3, VP was able to drag the game, enabling their carries to go online. VP managed to hold down Secret, going on back and forth until they found the right time. VP wiped out Secret and this gave them an opening to get their objectives. After forcing their way to Secret’s barracks, they were able to destroy the throne, forcing a Game 4.

And on Game 4, it was definitely anyone’s game. The pressure was on since it was Secret’s match point or VP’s breakthrough to tie the game. But it was Secret who emerged strongest. Even with VP’s solid lineup, Secret had the most sustaining abilities to help them survive in team fights. After passing the 30-minute mark, Secret was able to secure the win over VP, claiming their first Major this DPC season.

Team Secret took home $350,000 and 4,950 DPC points. With those points added to their team, they had already secured a direct invite for The International 2019.

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