For the fourth time this season, Team Secret bags another championship from ESL One. Punishing and relentless, they came out victorious at the ESL One Birmingham 2019!

Insane as it sounds, Team Secret seems to be in tip-top form. It’s like they are back stronger than they were during their glory days. A crowd favorite in the ESL One Birmingham, Team Secret demonstrated their sheer dominance both in the Group Stage matches and in the Playoffs. Thus, guaranteeing them a slot in the grand finals with Evil Geniuses who just broke their “third place curse”.

During Game 1, EG showed how much they have changed. Secret started off strong, going in for an early finish to avoid any problems dealing with EG. But with Sumail ‘SumaiL’ Hassan’s Templar Assassin coming online during mid game, they managed to get their footing against Secret. However, it wasn’t enough for them to turn the tables to their side. Yazied ‘YapzOr’ Jaradat’s Rubick and his clutch play allowed Secret to win team fights and eventually close out Game 1 as a win for their team.

But EG bounced back and took Game 2 for themselves. Even with the sustain coming from YapzOr’s Io, Secret got bulldozed by EG. Sure, they did put up a fight but with the commendable map control EG showed, it was a loss for them. And yet even with the series tied, Secret won Game 3 with their clutch plays and amazing combos from Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov’s Shadow Demon and YapzOr’s Enigma.

Even with the pressure of Secret’s matchpoint, EG never wavered. With an unusual Ancient Apparition pick from Tal ‘Fly’ Azik, he helped the team maneuver around and ties the series 2 -2.

But on the decisive Game 5, it was an all-out battle against the two teams. From the drafting phase up until the very last minute of the game. No one wanted to back down with the lead advantage swinging back and forth between the two teams. But with the amazing support plays from YapzOr, Secret victoriously conquered EG, taking home the championship once more.

Taking home $125,000, Secret also racked up their DPC points, totaling to 14250 at rank 1. At the same time, Puppey managed to snag the Mercedez Benz MVP award for himself too.

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