Raising their 2nd championship trophy this DPC season as Team Secret wins ESL Katowice 2019!

Writing a new record for themselves all throughout the tournament, Team Secret conquers ESL Katowice 2019. The EU team ends the tournament with a clean sweep of 3-0 in the best-of-five series against Gambit Esports.

Team Secret cam prepared, both mind and body, for the new ESL installment in Katowice. With their young core player, Michał “Nisha” Jankowski, the team wanted to win with him in his home court. And yet again, the team delivered an outstanding performance, with devious plays from Nisha himself in front of his home crowd.

Despite dropping one game in the group stages, Team Secret performed at their tip-top form. Aside from that 1 game against OG, Team Secret remained uncontested in the remainders of the tournament.

During the grand finals, Team Secret demonstrated their experimental yet effective drafting strategy to use. The Grand Finals best-of-five series wasn’t just about who picks out the perfect draft. It was about who can adapt to the game as it progresses. Gambit Esports, who totally outdrafted ppd before, countered Team Secret’s drafts. But even though Gambit’s aggressive playstyle helped them in the early game, Team Secret knew better. Team Secret knows how to turn the tides of the game towards their advantage even when things are going south. In one game, Zai’s core Bounty Hunter got countered however, the team used this space to prioritize Yapz0r’s Lion. Even Puppey said that the team is still experimenting and they keep on making it work to their liking.

Team Secret definitely showed who’s the boss. They were able to seal the deal and came out as champions for the 2nd time this year. The team has already rack enough points for the next The International installment. But you can expect that Team Secret will be relentless for the next tournaments to come. Team Secret will be preparing for the Stockholm Major this coming March.

Team Secret wins ESL Katowice 2019 and everyone’s looking forward to the next tournament. You think they have the guts and skills to raise the Aegis next time? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.