No!!! Tamago bids goodbye to all the gamers out there! So make the most out of Tamago, stat!

On December 31, Tamago will officially be closing its doors. Just recently, much to everyone’s surprise, Tamago announced that they will be closing down at the end of the year. It will be indeed a sad month for Tamago streamers and viewers.

Tamago is a popular live streaming app in Southeast Asia. It’s usually used by celebrities and online personalities. But it has grown because of the esports community. A lot of streamers swear by Tamago and has been the go-to for live streaming of esports tournaments. They even partnered with eGG Network during The International 2018. It was a huge feat since they were able to make the TI8 Filipino coverage possible.

Anyway, according to their official statement, the business “has been challenging and it is commercially unfeasible for us to continue operating under the current circumstances”. Tamago streaming will still be functional but the use of T-Coins are no longer valid since December 7. They have paid out streamer earnings as well.

In the next few days, other functions will be phased out too. Indeed, it is a sad December for every streamer out there. 🙁

Numerous prominent Pinoy Dota2 streamers have vocally expressed their disappointment with the closure news. Take Nico “KuyaNic” Nazario, founder of Philippine-based esports community WomboXcombo. Their team is one of the prominent Tamago streamers in the country. And despite their disappointment, they still assured that they will be announcing their next live streaming platform.

It has been a great year with Tamago and I’m glad to be part of their patrons. So let’s support Tamago until their very last day. It might have been a sad year end for steamers and viewers alike, but never forget, Tamago was there in all the ups and downs!

You will be missed, Tamago.

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