Chained. Bound but not broken. And he’s onto Demacia’s downfall. League’s new champion, Sylas the Unshackled is ready to shake the Summoner’s Rift.

A new champion comes for the new year! A new addition to the ever-growing number of League of Legends champions is another Demacian champ. Just after the release of Neeko the Curios Chameleon, we get another treat from Riot. League welcomes 2019 with Sylas the Unshackled and his the next best counter for your mage enemies.

According to the lore, Sylas was chained because of his abnormal high magic sensitivity. Thus after an incident in Demacia, he was exiled in a chamber for 15 years with no access to magic. But in the trailer, it seems like Lux helped his fellow Demacian to escape. Or she might have helped him learn to harness his magic power to the chains bounding him. There are no solid stories yet for the lore but we’re hoping to get one soon. Enjoy the cryptic Sylas trailer below!

Syla’s Skills

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Sylas bags heavy artillery for his enemies. His Chain Lash (Q) allows him to lash out his heavy chains in a cross pattern, both damaging and slightly slowing enemies hit. Once the chain hits the ground, the intersection of the chain explodes, dealing added damage and slow. He also has Kingslayer (W). He strikes at his target, dealing damage and healing himself at the same time. And there’s a catch with it. If Sylas uses Kingslayer at an enemy with low HP (Health), the damage of the skill is increased. Or if Sylas is at low HP, the heal is increased. Pretty cool, right?

On the other hand, he has Abscond / Abduct (E) for chasing his enemies. With Abscond/ Abduct, he can dash in two shots. First, he dashes in a short distance and shields himself. Then the skill cooldowns fast for him to recast the 2nd shot, whipping out his chains, pulling himself towards the enemy while stunning and damaging him. And for his ultimate Hijack (R), it allows him to steal or copy the ultimate of his target enemy. Enemies can still use their ultimates even though it was hijacked. But Sylas cannot hijack the same enemy for a while. That’s a really superb skill that can turn the tides of one game.

And one more thing though! Whenever Sylas casts an ability, his passive skill Petricite Burst next normal attack allows him to whirl his chain, adding damage to it.

This new counter-pick champion is what we need this 2019. So go all out with Sylas as you grind in your rank games!

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