Dota 2’s new patch has introduced a fresh batch of strategies for our favorite heroes. New meta is as good as ever as typical support heroes are back to dominate as midlaners in Patch 7.20.

In the 7.20 patch, a lot of our favorite heroes for mid lane are still strong as ever. Invoker is still topping the charts, as a crowd-favorite. Aside from him, you can always see Tinker, Dragon Knight, and Shadow Fiend are still stapled mid lane picks up until now. You can even still find a Meepo and Kunkka playing mid these days. Those heroes have been the go-to of position 2 players ever since Frozen Throne days. But right after the 7.2 has launched, we’re seeing a change of scenery. Back are the days where our typical support heroes take charge in the middle lane.

With this new development in the meta, the flexibility of the picks can help captains vary their lineups. Here are our top picks for our favorite supports going mid lane.


Even before the release of Rubick’s Magus Cypher Arcana, Rubick has been also a valuable mid lane pick. Fade Bolt has been an important laning tool in safe lanes. But in mid lane, using it can turn the tides in the mid lane. Though his Telekinesis has been nerfed, his base damage was increased. And his passive skill, Arcana Supremacy makes up for the nerfed Telekinesis. With Arcane Supremacy, his stolen spells are amplified and can add to his artillery of attacks. Armed with the right stolen skills and his own, he can easily counter mid lane enemies, initiate ganks and go on rotations with no problem. No wonder he’s a favorite by many!

OG.Topson and TNC.Kuku is spotted trying Rubick out in Ranked Games. You’ll be surprised how versatile Rubick is in mid lane.


This one is a diamond in the rough. With the rework on Lion, he’s been much feared in ranked games. If he is not a pick of your team, then you’ll need to ban him ASAP. He can easily outdo an enemy in the mid lane with his skills. With Earth Spike and Hex, he can easily go for an early kill and get more space in his creepings. His Mana Drain, it will be easy to avoid skills from his enemy while regenerating his own. But the bets rework was the added buff on his ultimate, Finger of Death. If his enemy dies within 3 seconds of getting hit, there’s an additional permanent 50 damage for Finger. And this stacks up every time. Going mid with Lion and getting early kills with consistent rotations will be really bad for the enemy. Think about a Lion with the normal level 18 Finger of Death damage of 1050 with a stack of 500. Not to mention the possible 200 damage if he gets in the Talent Tree. That’s like straight-up murder!


As a traditional support hero, Dazzle is not the flashiest hero we know. But with the new patch, a lot of professional players are sporting Dazzle as a core midlaner. His Poison Touch and its armor reduction can be nasty during the early game. And with Grave and Shadow Wave, he can easily sustain himself against heavy hitters in the mid. Shadow Wave is also a good laning skill while trying to fend off his enemy. And with Bad Juju as his ultimate, he can easily juke his enemies during team fights. With the right essential items to sustain his squishiness, like Holy Locket and Guardian Greaves, he can be a nuisance to enemies. Lowkey, subtle but terrifying if you don’t focus on him.

So if you’re trying out new things for the new meta, then you can switch your mid laning with them. You might discover yourself getting comfortable with them during rank matches if you get the hang of it.

Have you tried any of these heroes as midlaners? Do you have your own support hero favorite play as a midlaners in 7.20? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh