At 12 midnight, let’s all take a first detailed look at the PlayStation 5!


Set your alarms! Make sure you’re free when the clock strikes twelve.

Sony will be hosting a live announcement at 12 AM Thursday, March 19, on the PlayStation Blog. According to an official tweet by PlayStation Europe, this PS5 event will provide us a more detailed exposition on what the upcoming gaming console has to offer, far beyond what we already know so far. 

What can we expect?

It will be interesting to finally find out about the next-gen console, specifically how it’s gonna affect the future of gaming. We’ve recently been introduced to rumors surrounding the PlayStation 5 design, which some of us didn’t really find convincing. Plus, there have been pre-release glimpses we’ve had before on the older consoles, which turned out differently when the device was officially launched.

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Tonight, we can finally put an end to all the drama that has taken place during the development of PlayStation 5. Watch the livestream at midnight here:

Are you gonna be watching the livestream later?

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