Flooring Windranger, Ogre Magi wins The International 2019 Arcana Vote by a landslide!

“They picked me! No one ever picks me.”. Ogre Magi secures an Arcana Vote win after the combined effort of all the Dota 2 community. Every support’s dream, to say the least.

The annual Arcana Vote has always been one of the specials of The International. Granted that the community gets to pick among their favorite heroes who to have the next Arcana design. And this time, it became more interesting, especially with a core and support facing off.

As soon as the votings kicked off, Ogre Magi had the highest votes against everyone. While Windranger, on the other hand, would win close calls in the votings. But still, a lot favored Windranger since mostly everyone loves to play core positions. However, Jake ‘SirActionSlacks’ Kanner tried to even the playing field by giving off quite a deal for every Ogre Magi voter. Aside from writing a full alternate hero voice pack for Ogre Magi, SirActionSlacks gets to keep his job!

And during the announcement in The International 2019, Ogre Magi won by a breeze with 30 million votes compared to Windranger’s 25 million votes.

Of course, everyone’s just as hyped as SirActionSlacks with the win of Ogre Magi. And we’re seeing a lot of “Arcana” inspirations and designs all over Reddit and Twitter. They may or may not be great, but the community shows “great” creativity and humor for this upcoming Arcana.

Ogre Arcana Leaked (Sorry for low quality, the idea just stuck to my head) from DotA2

For the Windranger fans, fear not. Because the runner-up might get her own Arcana as well. Just like what happened with Io last time.

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