EA Games just dropped the official trailer for The Sims 4 ‘Realm of Magic’ game pack!

The official trailer for The Sims 4 ‘Realm of Magic’ game pack is what my Potterhead dreams are made of! This is the first dive back of EA into a solid magic-themed pack since ‘The Sims: Makin’ Magic’. The trailer was released on August 20. Here, watch the trailer below:

You’re a wizard Harry!

The new Sims 4 ‘Real of Magic’ game pack is exactly what we needed to give our sims the Hogwarts experience they needed! The trailer starts off with a sim who looks a lot like the Wizarding World’s very own Newt Scamander. Which just solidified our dreams of Hogwarts roleplay in the Sims 4 even more.

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The trailer then moves on to a shimmering portal! Which they dropped a short clip of on their Instagram page, just before releasing the official trailer. And from there, our jaws just dropped. A new neighborhood that’s on floating islands, punk-themed witchy outfits, potion brewing, spellcasting, broom-riding, and so much more. So far, it looks like EA developed a game pack that will enable players to give their sims a new and magical experience.

Wands, brooms, and… was that a Phoenix?!

EA Games

Among the many bells and whistles included in the game pack. We’re most excited about the familiars. In the world of magic, a familiar is a creature that assists a witch or a wizard in the practice of magic. As well as acting as guardian and protector to its owner. So in the trailer at around 0:48, we get to see a flaming bird-like creature. And in our minds, we thought, PHOENIX?! But on their official website, they mentioned only two kinds of creatures you can have as a familiar, either a dragon or a fairy.

In 2017 EA games, released The Sims 4 ‘Cats and Dogs’. Finally introducing pets into the game. But it was criticized due to the limited options of pets you can own. And since The Sims is known for including additional content in their game packs, could familiars be a new line of mythical pets your sims can own? We don’t know for sure, but we are hoping for it!

Get your robes on and brooms ready because The Sims 4 ‘Realm of Magic’ releases for PC and Mac on September 10. And releases for consoles on October 15.

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