Get ready to be the last man standing

From the creators of Black Desert comes a new battle royale spin-off called Shadow Arena and players are now welcome to sign up for beta testing!

On Thursday, Pearl Abyss announced the Shadow Arena beta will be available on Steam for global testing from February 27 to March 8. And it will be supported in 14 languages, including English, Thai, Indonesian, and Turkish.

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Starting next week, you can show off your combat prowess by going against 40 players in an intense deathmatch and be the sole champion. But if you’re feeling a bit lonely, Shadow Arena also offers team modes, letting you devise complex strategies to win together as a team.

But first things first

Begin your quest by choosing your preferred fighting style from the unique set of characters offered in the game—Jordine Ducas, Ahon Kirus, Yeonhwa, Gerhard Shultz, Haru, Herawen, Goyen, Orwen, and Badal the Golden. All the while, you’ll also have to hunt monsters and upgrade items to grow stronger during matches in the fantasy arena fighter game.


As for inexperienced players, they can still hone their skills either individually or as a group through Practice Mode or Private Matches.

Catch the full trailer here or you can visit Shadow Arena’s Discord, YouTube, and Facebook for more information.

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If you’re interested in the Shadow Arena early access, you can already register on the official website starting today until February 24! Shadow Arena will available on PC during the first half of 2020.

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